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Borrowers get money without selling crypto assets. Investors offer loans and earn competitive returns. Collateralization ensures full of repayment on time.

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Amount of investment

≈ 1.000 BTC

Loan Term

Interest Rate
12 %
Your Revenue
1200 P2P ≈ 1.000 BTC


number of lender


number of borrower


total invest


new loan requests
Beta test
user amount time
Willie N. Hodges 82938 30 days
Janice I. Moorman 753.23 30 days
John J. Johnson 9343.23 60 days
Jiří Fojtík 1304.23 30 days
Auda Marquis 300.42 30 days
new loan offers
Beta test
user amount time
Allison Carter 957.7534 30 days
Susan Reed 592.29 120 days
Dustin C. Garcia 10000 90 days
Qiong Ch'in 983.23 90 days
Maria W. Galvan 12092.23 120 days

Invest and earn competitive returns

We combine technology and expertise to recommend best suitable product to your financial profile.

We always strive to give you recommendations that aims to support you to invest in the simplest and smartest way!


why choose us?

  1. We provide solution in finance industrial which connects the lender and borrower without complicated and rigorous review procedures.
  2. AI technology which automatically analyzes the lending supply and its matched demand will bring our users the best experiences.
  3. Machine learning techniques will learn and scale up your action creatively. This helps user to earn passive money with zero time and effort.
  4. Applying blockchain technology with the strength of transparency and safety will solve currently issues of P2P lending.
our customers
  • Just tremendous service, much easier than dealing with a bank. Open, honest and clear communications, plus an excellent rate!!

    Thank you so much, you've saved me valuable time and money in balancing my debt! I highly recommend you to everyone I meet, hopefully I can get in on the investment side of Zopa in the future!!

    Roger Smith


  • I found the right person to borrow quickly on Five star for your services, safe, fast and secure.



  • One of the best return on investment, an excellent web interface and the best customer service I ever experienced. Strongly recommended as part of your investment portfolio.


    Computer analyst

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